Our Facilities

The BOLO pantry is in the heart of our rural community located at 35 N. Front Street, Newport, Pennsylvania.  The pantry is a small building (6,500 sq. feet) with a guest “shopping” area and a warehouse area that has a loading dock and a forklift truck. BOLO volunteers welcome and assist guests at the pantry three days a week. Empowering guests to select their own products restores dignity and offers them the freedom to obtain the products based on their dietary and family needs.

BOLO Pantry: The main entrance is located at the front of the building with a loading dock on the right.


The BOLO warehouse is the most recent expansion of BOLO’s capacity to serve the continually growing needs in Perry County and beyond. The 11,000 sq. ft. building, located at 407 W. Juniata Parkway, Millerstown, Perry County, Pennsylvania, enables BOLO to receive, process and share significantly more product. Upon purchase, the BOLO warehouse was renovated with industrial shelving to accomodate a massive amount of dry storage, industrial size refrigeration and freezer units, and a loading dock to receive donated shipments via tractor trailer.

BOLO Warehouse: Aerial view of warehouse with Rt. 322 in the background prior to the installation of the refrigeration/freezer units and the loading dock.

BOLO Warehouse: Exterior view featuring the installed industrial size refrigeration/freezer units and a loading dock.

BOLO Warehouse: Interior view from loft showcasing industrial shelving and God’s continued blessing of donated product.


BOLO Warehouse: Volunteer transferring a pallet of product to loading dock for a partner pick up.